What a Beginner Photographer Should Do Without

You need any DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. And it doesn’t matter what kind of production. Though Kenon, even Nikon or Sony with Olympus.

I do not advise paying attention to digital zooms, no matter how they are advertised and praised. This is also the opinion of https://www.artlook.us/service/wedding-videography/.


Female photographer shooting in a beautiful outdoor setting.

The used camera market is saturated. And all you need is to pick up a good camera with low mileage in good condition.

You can easily get the top-end full-frame Canon 5DMarkII in the past for relatively little money, along with a good lens.

This model is known for being the work camera of any self-respecting wedding photographer in the recent past.

But its capabilities are more than enough for any novice photographer.

Believe me.

Putting an inexpensive and fast Canon 50 mm / 1.8 lens on it, you can easily learn photography in almost any genre.

Nikon and Sony have similar models.

Yes, serious advanced cameras and lenses are being sold now, but does it make sense to give half a million for a top assembly to a beginner who does not know how to use its capabilities?

I think no.

The next important point is the purchase of a photo bag or wardrobe trunk.

There is no need to buy professional photo backpacks for one simple reason. You do not have so many accessories and lenses that can fit in a backpack like this. And there is no need to carry them around.

A photo bag is enough to protect the camera from accidental bumps or drops.

The author of the article, despite the presence of a photographic bag, often carries an equipped camera in an ordinary backpack. In this case, the absence of small debris inside the backpack is important.

I summarize.

All the equipment of a novice photographer is any camera and lens. And this is enough for training and start in the first commercial filming.