The center of attention is not the center of the picture

The biggest mistake beginner photographers uncluding GAY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS NYC make is placing their main subject in the center of the frame. Such a framing is extremely rarely successful. In general, shots where the focus is clearly in the middle come out flat and boring. There are many other models of framing, and they are all equally effective. If you think about why most people have the subject in the center, you can come to the conclusion that this is due to the location of the focus point on all digital cameras. Remember, on each camera, a square appears in the center of the screen, which points exactly to the middle of the picture. It’s all his fault. It is worth getting rid of such stereotypes and developing creative thinking.

Why camera designers arrange the element that indicates the center of focus in this way is a mystery. You can call it a conspiracy or a peculiar approach. Of course, there is an explanation for this. Most likely, this center is conditional and it is worth starting from it to build a composition, but not everyone understands this. Now, those who have read this article know that you should not place the center of attention in the middle of the frame.