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First Quarter

        There was a ton of hype around this past winter and if you didn't hear somebody talking about El Nino once, you must have been living under a rock somewhere in a cave off the grid in a faraway place. Since El Nino was in full effect most of the surf media was focusing on the West Coast, but truth be told all of us over here on the East Coast reaped the benefits of incredibly consistent swell and balmy water all winter. We didn't necessarily get the biggest waves but 2-3 really good days a week and surf-able waves everyday for months straight is unheard of. Below I have some of my favorite shots from the first 3 months of the year laid out for you, all you have to do is click one of the thumbnails and you can view the whole gallery in lightbox mode. Hope you enjoy and don't forget that every one of my pictures are available as prints and I do most of the printing in-house unless it is large format or you want it on a special material like canvas, metal or plexi. My email is to enquire about pricing.  


Black and Blurred

All my life I have pulled inspiration from the ocean, its mesmerizing beauty has held me captive for as long as I can remember. It has been this obsession that fuels my desire to create. As an artist I draw influence from the contrasting nature of the sea, calm and beautiful or ugly and powerful the ocean has many different faces. It is through my photography that I aim to evoke similar emotion within the viewer as I have found in my own life through the water.

  Evan Conway

The White Fire

The past couple of weeks have been extremely active in the natural disaster department. Mother Nature has been very relentless on parts of the country whether it be enormous tornado's devastating the midwest or one-hundred foot flames engulfing the Californian mountain sides. Granted you can not blame the weather for a single campers stupidity when it comes to properly disposing of hot coals; You can however say the drought that we are experiencing here in Southern California had something to do with the rapid ignition of last mondays "White Fire". We experienced a beautiful Memorial Day here in Santa Barbara up until about 2:45pm when you could first see the enormous smoke cloud billowing over the mountains bordering town to the north. The thick plume of smoke and ash blew directly over downtown Santa Barbara all the way out to the Channel Islands and beyond. The fire managed to burn nearly 2,000 acres before the days end on Monday evening and then the next morning a thick fog accumulated in the affected area and helped fire fighters completely contain the blaze by Tuesday Night. Being from New York, I have never seen anything like it; I'm extremely glad nobody got hurt and I salute all the fire fighters that did an amazing job of keeping the situation under control.