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TS Colin

Wednesday night I managed to log a few chilly hours shooting some empties provided by Tropical Storm Colin. The swell showed up way later than forecasted and only showed face for about 3 hours but still some views were to be had, some of which I have shared below.


California Color

In southern California, the phrase fall color takes on a completely different meaning than what I am used to back in the Northeast. Instead of the trees changing color and loosing all their leaves, California see's the vegetation come back to life and greet the oncoming winter and it's potential rainfall. The real fall colors found here are brushed across the evening sky and saturated in the ocean's water. Take a look through the gallery below to visit some of the lineups I stumbled across this fall in California.

Green Glass

This morning I found some leftover NW swell in the water just south of Santa Barbara. Super clean and completely empty except for a few dolphins who scored it all to themselves. I only managed 15 minutes of shooting time since the morning rush hour was in full effect and I had to navigate back to downtown Santa Barbara for class. Always a pleasure to see empty perfection regardless of the size. Hopefully this winter picks up sooner rather than later.