The photography blog of Evan Conway. 

First Quarter

        There was a ton of hype around this past winter and if you didn't hear somebody talking about El Nino once, you must have been living under a rock somewhere in a cave off the grid in a faraway place. Since El Nino was in full effect most of the surf media was focusing on the West Coast, but truth be told all of us over here on the East Coast reaped the benefits of incredibly consistent swell and balmy water all winter. We didn't necessarily get the biggest waves but 2-3 really good days a week and surf-able waves everyday for months straight is unheard of. Below I have some of my favorite shots from the first 3 months of the year laid out for you, all you have to do is click one of the thumbnails and you can view the whole gallery in lightbox mode. Hope you enjoy and don't forget that every one of my pictures are available as prints and I do most of the printing in-house unless it is large format or you want it on a special material like canvas, metal or plexi. My email is to enquire about pricing.  


California Color

In southern California, the phrase fall color takes on a completely different meaning than what I am used to back in the Northeast. Instead of the trees changing color and loosing all their leaves, California see's the vegetation come back to life and greet the oncoming winter and it's potential rainfall. The real fall colors found here are brushed across the evening sky and saturated in the ocean's water. Take a look through the gallery below to visit some of the lineups I stumbled across this fall in California.

The Sun in Transit

The last couple of days we have been experiencing some really spectacular sunsets on the west coast. A sign that winter is near and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Take a look at the gallery below to see the drama unfold in the sky...

Rincon Point, Ca.

Lately I have been trying to find inspiration from smaller waves since there hasn’t been all that much size in the water around here. Although it’s certainly nothing to write home about, there have been some fun little waves at Rincon the past couple of days. Hopefully this winter will start to kick into gear and some good west swell will come our way, until then don’t forget about all the little things…