The photography blog of Evan Conway. 

Bomb Hills

On a trip up to the mountains yesterday I found myself right in the middle of a downhill free skate session being put on by Arbor Skateboards. There was something like 60 skaters warming up for a downhill race being held up there today. It was definitely a nice surprise to stumble across these guys shredding up there. Here are a few shots I managed to grab..


Catalina Underwater

During the In-Water Photography course last semester Ralph Clevenger took our class on a 5-day boat trip to dive at Catalina Island. This was easily the best class I have taken so far at Brooks Institute, although my current semester is shaping up to be all-time. Heres a few shots of the underwater landscape found just off shore at Catalina. Max and I explored the underwater kelp forests top to bottom for the better part of a week. Underwater caves, sharks and sea lions were all experienced first hand during our dives out on Catalina, which is one of the most stunning underwater worlds I've ever had the opportunity to see.


The Mask

Here are a few shots I took of an Atomic Aquatics dive mask geared more towards the commercial realm of underwater photography. I shot the self portrait off Catalina Island while the other two were done in a pool in Santa Barbara, CA. My buddy Chris Laughter helped by modeling for me in the pool. Its amazing what you can do when lighting subjects underwater.