The photography blog of Evan Conway. 

The Sun in Transit

The last couple of days we have been experiencing some really spectacular sunsets on the west coast. A sign that winter is near and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Take a look at the gallery below to see the drama unfold in the sky...

Rincon Point, Ca.

Lately I have been trying to find inspiration from smaller waves since there hasn’t been all that much size in the water around here. Although it’s certainly nothing to write home about, there have been some fun little waves at Rincon the past couple of days. Hopefully this winter will start to kick into gear and some good west swell will come our way, until then don’t forget about all the little things…

Black and Blurred

All my life I have pulled inspiration from the ocean, its mesmerizing beauty has held me captive for as long as I can remember. It has been this obsession that fuels my desire to create. As an artist I draw influence from the contrasting nature of the sea, calm and beautiful or ugly and powerful the ocean has many different faces. It is through my photography that I aim to evoke similar emotion within the viewer as I have found in my own life through the water.

  Evan Conway