Ansel Adams

Protector of nature with a camera in his hands

As a child, Adams was a very active child – he could not sit still for a minute, and schoolwork seemed to him too boring and academic. Adams simply did not have the patience for games and sports. He found solace in nature – Ansel could spend hours walking in the forest near the house and watching the perfection of landscapes.

When Ansel was twelve years old, he got acquainted with photography and realized that the camera can not only show the beauty of nature, but also save it. The photographer devoted his career to shooting landscapes and how a person can harm them.

The most famous photo: “The Teton Range and the Snake River.” The landscape strikes and fascinates, perhaps not only people. After all, it was this picture that scientists chose among 116 photos that were sent on the Voyager spacecraft in order to convey information about the culture of the Earth’s population to other civilizations.