What a Beginner Photographer Should Do Without

You need any DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. And it doesn’t matter what kind of production. Though Kenon, even Nikon or Sony with Olympus. I do not advise paying attention to digital zooms, no matter how they are advertised and praised. This is also the opinion of https://www.artlook.us/service/wedding-videography/. Why? The used camera market Continue reading

Martin Parr

Short biography Martin Parr was born in 1952 in Surrey, southeast England. He learned his craft and https://www.artlook.us/service/gay-wedding-photographers-nyc/ in Manchester. He worked very successfully in the field of black and white photography, but in the 80s, when it became possible to shoot in color, he was one of the first to experiment with color film. Continue reading

Alfred Stiglitz (1864 – 1946)

In 1890, Stieglitz returned to New York after studying in Germany to prove that photography and https://www.artlook.us/service/360-photography-and-video-production-nyc/ was no less a subject of art than painting or sculpture. As editor of Camera Notes magazine, he sought to convey to readers the aesthetic potential of this medium. In 1902, Stiglitz and a group of like-minded people Continue reading

Where do glare come from?

First of all, glare on 360 vr image is noticeable light spots in the picture that are not logically determined in a particular place in the image. Glare is not considered to be the usual black and white pattern that forms the image (remember that the entire image, in any case, is the result of Continue reading

Ansel Adams

Protector of nature with a camera in his hands As a child, Adams was a very active child – he could not sit still for a minute, and schoolwork seemed to him too boring and academic. Adams simply did not have the patience for games and sports. He found solace in nature – Ansel could Continue reading

Brian Duffy

The main rebel of photography An icon of fashion photography in the 60s of the XX century, Duffy said that all the tricks in photography were invented before 1972. But he himself refuted these words when he introduced many new methods to photography. Duffy was born in London in 1933, he found the world war Continue reading

Vivian Maier

The greatest street photographer of the 20th century. Filmed at the table. This is not exactly a story about recognition, which the photographer could not achieve for a long time. This is a story about how a man took pictures, just because he loved this business. You must have heard about the baby nanny who Continue reading

Eugene Atget

Finally got recognized! A couple of years before his death. It’s hard to imagine, but even at the dawn of the spread of photography, it was possible to do it and still remain somewhere in the shadows. The French photographer Eugene Atget was in just such a situation. The young man began his career as Continue reading